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When it’s time to navigate a job search choose to partner with an EXPERT!

A recruiter or headhunter is someone who spends their days and nights searching for quality candidates in order to create a pipeline of individuals skilled and ready to step in to their next role. As experts at building relationships, recruiters create large networks and stay up-to-date on staffing and hiring conditions.

You WANT this person on your team. You NEED this person on your team! Recruiters often know of job openings which never hit the “market.” They have built strong working relationships with Hiring Managers and you want them advocating on your behalf.

When you enlist a recruiter be sure to follow these key points:

    Limit the amount of recruiters you choose to assist you with your job search – choose no more than three. This will help you stay ORGANIZED! Be sure to know which recruiter is representing you for what role. Our recruiters recommend using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of recruiters, roles, interviews and submittals. Multiple submittals for the same role through more than one recruiter can knock you out of contention and it just looks bad for both the recruiter and candidate. Also, a recruiter should NEVER submit you for a job without your consent, be sure you are clear on all of the job details.
  • Be HONEST!
    If you are looking for a remote position, don’t agree to be submitted to a role with an hour commute and demanding in-office schedule. Be specific about your job search requirements and allow the recruiter help you position yourself in the best light. Have a three week European vacation planned? Let your recruiter know, they can help with timing. Have a problem in your past? Background checks will find most details, be up-front with your recruiter. Recruiters want to help! Knowing what’s going to come up is much easier to deal with than being blind-sided.
    Answer the phone, even when you aren’t “on the market.” Listen, your time is valuable and so is theirs. Recruiters don’t want to keep nagging you about jobs you have no interest in. But when they call or send an email, send a response. It’s not a marriage proposal and they might be able to offer you insight on market conditions that could allow you to have a meaningful conversation with your current employer regarding pay or benefits. Also, recruiters are always looking for referrals. Maybe you have a friend looking to make a career move. Provide a referral and some recruiting firms will reward you with a referral bonus. Here at HUNTER, we give away iPads for qualified referrals. Bottom line, be open to a conversation, you never know how you’ll benefit.
    You can consider your recruiter a career coach or career ambassador. Recruiters are immersed in different company cultures, managing placements and negotiating the hiring process ALL DAY – EVERY DAY. They have extensive knowledge of industry hiring practices and company cultures. They want to match you with the RIGHT company, culture and position. Their success is directly tied to your success and everyone wants a WIN. Take their market knowledge, interview tips and negotiation experience and use them to successfully navigate your job search.

You are probably looking for a competitive edge when it comes to your personal career path. Choosing to partner with a seasoned recruiter will allow you to navigate the process of a job search with confidence.

Stay tuned for the next HUNTER blog post, “What to Expect from a Recruiter.”

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