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What should you expect from your partnership with a recruiter?


  • CONTACTS – Recruiters are immersed in the hiring process day-in and day-out. They have cultivated relationships with numerous Hiring Managers at major companies and their sole purpose is to match the right candidate with the right role. Partnering with a recruiter makes sure your resume gets in the hands of the decision makers and you might just find yourself interviewing for a role that has never been posted!

  • COMMUNICATION – Recruiters should be experts at communicating. It’s a recruiter’s job to know their clients as well as specific job details on the roles they need to fill. A good recruiter will try to provide a clear picture of what the company is truly looking for in a candidate. Their knowledge will provide you insight on work environment, corporate culture, benefits and future opportunities. Plus, you won’t feel like your resume has landed in an abyss since your recruiter should provide you with updates throughout the entire hiring cycle.

  • CLARITY – Recruiters can help you narrow down your job search. Searching job boards, networking on LinkedIn, attending meet-ups and happy hours – networking can feel like a full-time job. According to a study by The Adler Group in conjunction with LinkedIn, 85% of the jobs filled in the past year were filled through networking. Partnering with a recruiter who can network you to multiple clients will streamline your job search.

  • COMPENSATION – Recruiters have the inside scoop on compensation and benefits for various companies. This insight can help you determine a realistic picture of what to look for in a compensation package.

  • CONNECTION – When you find a great recruiter, keep in touch. Check in periodically and use them as a resource to help you navigate your career path. Our recruiters enjoy placing repeat candidates and watching them grow from entry level to executive. Plus, you never know when you might find yourself as a hiring manager and knowing you can reach out to a trusted resource will be comforting.

  • CONFIDENCE – Getting ready for an interview can feel scary and nerve-racking causing you to feel self-conscious about selling your skills and personality. Recruiters can provide you with the 411 on who, what, when and where. They will outline who you will be meeting, what they are looking for, and possibly some of the interview questions you might be asked. This detailed interview prep will allow you to walk in with a clear plan on how you will need to sell yourself!

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