Case Studies

Large Pharmaceutical Company

HUNTER Customer For: 6 years

Snapshot: We are one of the largest, independent pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturers in the Southeast.  We hire IT staffing resources for both permanent and contract positions, specifically to complete a large, project undertaking.

Challenge: We needed HUNTER to help us find IT staffing resources for a dashboard reporting project that would give us executive-level management on sales force performance. This project was particularly challenging because we had “ever-changing” requirements from our user group, so our target was moving.

Solution: HUNTER succeeded in helping us find IT staff that allowed my department to exceed the expectations of the executive management team. The developer that we contracted was able to build reporting applications that were well above what we had used previously.  The success of the application development assisted our “moving target” problem because we were able to provide the user group with an end product that they loved. Every minute of our employees’ time is better spent, which equates to potential dollars toward our bottom line.

Tier 1 Systems Integration & Consulting Services Provider

HUNTER Customer For: 4 ½ years

Snapshot: Tier 1 Systems Integration and Consulting firm with more than thirty years of long-term growth, and over 26,000 professionals in over 100 offices.

Challenge: We needed to hire an experienced team member to help us with a project from a new client, but we weren’t able to bring them on with our current compensation structure. Our client, a global consumer products company, asked us to lead a products transformation effort that would help them secure their position in existing markets and acquire more customers with new product and services bundles.  In addition to this challenge, we had to consider stringent government regulatory constraints and severe budget constraints due to the tumultuous economy.  This was a new client, so we really had to prove our strengths with the right team member.

Solution:  HUNTER agreed to hire our resource as a W-2 employee through their Payroll Services program and bill him back to us at a very reasonable rate.  This gave us the opportunity to protect our cost structure and give him the benefits he needed to support his family.